EVA laminated glass interlayer film

EVA laminated glass interlayer film is a thermosetting and sticky adhesive film, which is mainly used for laminated glass. EVA film has superior performance in adhesion, durability, water vapor barrier, etc. The product is widely used in glass guardrails, sunrooms, shower rooms and other fields that require relatively high water vapor barrier rates.


Suzhou Xiaoshi has launched highly transparent and ultra-transparent products based on different application fields of EVA laminated glass. For outdoor use, anti-UV EVA film and UV-blocking EVA film are launched. The UV-blocking EVA film can also be used for smart glass lamination and LOW E glass lamination.


For indoor decorative glass lamination, we recommend high transparent EVA film, which has a lower processing temperature, lower shrinkage, and has better bonding strength with insert film, paper, fabric and other products.


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Post time: Feb-26-2024