Smart Film

  • PDLC Smart film for building

    PDLC Smart film for building

    PDLC/LC/LCD material microelectronic film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film) which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off. It can be regulated and adjusted the light transmittance pass through the film by electricity supply.

  • Photochromic Smart Film

    Photochromic Smart Film

    Photochromic film is an smart light control product , and the light transmittance changes with the intensity of sunlight illumination . It is a natural dimming product for cars , yachts , building doors and windows, lighting roofs and other places. It using high-vacuum sputtering and high-precision nano-coating technology , more than 99% of UV blocking will protect your skin and products from UV rays . More than 80% of the infrared barriers reduce energy consumption , and a new generation of intelligently tuned visible light for a comfortable ride.

  • LED screen Glass

    LED screen Glass

    Multimedia transparent photoelectric glass is a new type of display material that embeds the LED light source in the glass, and controls the built-in LED light source through a smart signal control system to play dynamic videos and graphics. It perfectly integrates the media functions into buildings and does not destroy the style design of the buildings. Meanwhile,it is of high transparency, high energy efficiency and energy-saving insulation, giving the glass unlimited value.

  • PDLC Smart film for Auto

    PDLC Smart film for Auto

    Smart PDLC tint film can be used in the Car Window, Business Class Partitions, Cockpit Partitions and Driver Privacy Screens .

    Application: Automobile,Train,Metro,Airplane,Marine,Yacht, etc.

  • PDLC Smart switchable glass

    PDLC Smart switchable glass

    PDLC smart switchable glass is a type of laminated glass. The PDLC film is placed between two layers of glass, EVA film can be used for non adhesive type PDLC smart film lamination. It has special lamination program compare with laminating transparent safety glass, because the PDLC smart film could not bear higher lamination temperature, so it request to use low temper ( about 120 ℃) to laminate.

  • PDLC Transformer

    PDLC Transformer

    Transformer can be manually switched and controlled, wireless remote control, reliable switch output, long switch life, over-voltage protection, overload protection, waterproof steam design can be applied in a humid environment. Clients can also download an App to control the transformer.