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Smart PDLC tint film can be used in the Car Window, Business Class Partitions, Cockpit Partitions and Driver Privacy Screens .

Application: Automobile,Train,Metro,Airplane,Marine,Yacht, etc.

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Smart PDLC tint film can be used in the Car Window, Business Class Partitions, Cockpit Partitions and Driver Privacy Screens of Automobile/Train/Metro/Airplane/Marine/Yacht, etc.
Electric smart film consists of two layers of PET-ITO conductive film and the intermediate liquid crystal film. Wherein the liquid crystal film mainly consists of liquid crystal droplets and outer layer of high polymer. When the power is off, the liquid crystal droplets are in disordered arrangement state, when parallel light passes through the polymer and irradiate to the liquid crystal material, because of refractive index of the liquid crystal droplets is lower than the other outer polymers, light in the surface of liquid crystal droplets is diffused and scattered. The whole film becomes opaque, appears frosted. When energized, 2 PET-ITO conductive film functions as planar electrodes, which makes the liquid crystal droplets orderly arranged perpendicular to the film surface, whereby the parallel light passes through the liquid crystal layer without being reflected and refracted, and light transmits to whole film, and smart film appears transparent.

PDLC for AUto
PDLC for AUto1

Product description and advantages

1. The privacy(privacy protection function is the most important feature of the electric smart film , you can always control the state of opaque and transparent of the glass )
2. security ( with all the advantages of safety glass, including the security feature to prevent flying glass after broken, and good performance of anti-strike strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, UV blocking)
3. environment friendly (the electric smart film can block out 99% of ultraviolet and infrared, to protect the indoor equipment from fading and aging because of radiation and protects persons from skin disease because of ultraviolet radiation )
4.soundproofing (the electric smart film pasted to the glass, has a sound damping effect, and effectively deadens various kinds of noise )

Installation Tips
1. Car Window Size Measurement
1.1 Lifting Type Windows: Measure the maximum size for length and height. Add extra 10cm to the smaller size and extra 5cm to the bigger size, they are the precut smart film sizes. 
1.2 Fixed Windows: Measure the maximum size for length and height, add extra 5cm of each and they are the precut smart film sizes.
1.3 Front and rear windshield are not acceptable

2. Control Mode: Car ACC and Car Window Lifter Button.

3. Important Notices
3.1 The installation is wet stick.
3.2 No water or aqueous liquids are allowed during the whole cleaning and installation process. The smart film can only contact with neutral substances. Acid and alkaline substances will corrode the smart film. 
3.3 Special installation liquid is needed. The installation liquid formula and installation manual will be sent on the receipt of your specific inquiry.

Technical Data 

Item Mode Data
Light Transmittance Visible Light  ON  > 85%
OFF >60%
Parallel Light  ON  >83%
OFF <1.5%
Haze  ON  <3% 
OFF >90%
View Angle  ON  >175 °
Electrical Parameters Working Voltage ON  36V  AC
Responding Time OFF- ON < 10ms
ON- OFF < 100ms
Power Consumption ON  <  5 W/M2
Physical Parameters Thickness  0.2mm
Max. width  < 1.2m
Adhesive Bonding Strength 50g/mm
Environmental Parameters Working Temperature - 35 ℃ to 75 ℃
Storage Temperature - 50 ℃ to 85 ℃
Working Life Time ON > 10 Years
Operation Time On/Off  > 80.000 Times
Guarantee Time 12 months

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