• Light Transmittance Meter

    Light Transmittance Meter

    UV transmittance meter, infrared transmittance meter, visible light transmittance meter (light transmittance meter). Three functions in one device. We just need to put the measured sample into the test slot and the three test results will be displayed on the interface immediately at the same time. The spectrum transmission meter has large LCD display, three different display interfaces can be switched.



  • Thermometer


    Thermocouple is one of the most commonly used industrial elements in temperature measuring which is formed when 2 dissimilar metals are joined as a circuit with thermo current generated from the temperature difference between the metals.If there is any temperature difference between the thermocouple tip and reference end of the thermocouple, the instrument will display the temperature value versus the thermo emf generated from the thermocouple. On-site measurement and long distance transmission can both be carried out.
  • Tin side detector

    Tin side detector

     Also called Float glass surface identification device, it is used to identify the tin surface and the side of float glass.Instrument and indicator with original writing and miscellaneous light filtering technology, recognition effect is obvious.Use long life lamp, replacement bulbs, are generally not required by the internal rechargeable lithium