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  • Automatic Tape Cutter

    Automatic Tape Cutter

    Automatic tape cutter machine RT-3000 carousel automatic tape dispenser can be used for both adhesive and non adhesive tape cutting. Available tape type: PVC tape, cloth tape, glass tape, pp tape, double-side tape, etc.

  • PET Vacuum film

    PET Vacuum film

    Laminated glass high temperature vacuum film is a kind of composite plastic film/bag which can be heated and vacuum-pumped. The sealing performance after vacuum-pumping is excellent.


  • Silicon Vacuum Bag

    Silicon Vacuum Bag

    Silicon vacuum bag (made of silicon rubber sheet ) is a core part of glass vacuum laminated furnace, it makes up of two pieces of silicone rubber sheet and silicone sealing zipper edge, silicone rubber sheet is a key component of the entire laminated furnace, its quality directly affects the quality of glass lamination.

  • Teflom Mesh

    Teflom Mesh

    Teflon mesh is made of high purity suspended polytetrafluoro emulsion liquid as raw material, impregnated with high-performance glass mesh cloth, dried, baked Made by sintering and other processes. It defines the specifications in terms of mesh size, mainly including 1x1mm, 2x2mm, 4x4mm, 10x10mm, etc., and is divided into single weft and double warp and weft grids according to the different warp and weft band.

  • Lamination tape

    Lamination tape

    Green lamination tape is also call High temperature resistance tape, it was used for Glass Edge Protection, stick along the laminated glass edge to protect it and with no glue residue after peeling it off.

  • Thermo cutter

    Thermo cutter

    Thermo cutter or Heating cutter is a professional hot cutting tool for Fabrics and Plastic. It can up in seconds and gives the operator temperature control. Never before has working with Fabrics been this easy. inexpensive and free of mess. 

  • Kevlar Rope

    Kevlar Rope

    Kevlar Rope (Aramid roller rope) is made of aramid filament that woven by square braiding machine. The unique solid woven technology makes it more abrasion resistant, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, high strength, high cut resistance and non-conductive. It can be used at a high temperature of 300°C for a long time. When the temperature reaches 450°C, it will begin to carbonize. Kevlar Rope (Aramid roller rope) is widely used for tempering furnace, curing furnace, hardening furnace, autoclave, glass tempering furnace roller and other high temperature equipment.

  • Safety protection glove

    Safety protection glove

    Safety protection gloves mainly used to protect hands from injury. It is usually made of special materials such as wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc., which can effectively reduce the contact between hands and dangerous items, thus reducing the risk of hand injuries. 

  • Glass protection pad

    Glass protection pad

    Glass protection pad include Cork pad, EVA pad and PVC pad, attached with removable glue or Cling foam, Its a shock-proof cushion product used for glass packaging. During the storage and transportation of glass, the use of gaskets can form a gap between two pieces of glass to avoid direct contact with the glass. The soft cushioning of the gasket can reduce the friction between the glasses and prevent the glass from being scratched. At the same time, the spacer formed by the gasket The space can also reduce problems such as mold and cracks, and plays an important role in protecting the glass.

  • Anti Fog Film

    Anti Fog Film

    PET anti-fog film is made of special nano-coating material, which is composed of anti-fog layer, PET layer, adhesive layer and release film in order. It has excellent anti-fog effect and is very suitable for use in freezers, bath mirrors, car windows.Building glass, equipment and equipment surfaces and other easy to fog environment.

  • Dichroic Film

    Dichroic Film

    Dichroic film can reach Dynamic Effect – color shifts when viewed from different angles using Multi-layer optical film technology. Reflected colors- are different than the colors in transmission. It can be used in applications such as shading fins, balustrades, exterior glass,glass partition walls, shower door glass, artistic glass and glass furniture.

  • Writable film

    Writable film

    The Writing film is also called Drawing film, It can stick on most smooth surface directly. Glass Wall and also plastic board. Some customer call it window drawing film or glass writing film.

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