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The Writing film is also called Drawing film, It can stick on most smooth surface directly. Glass Wall and also plastic board. Some customer call it window drawing film or glass writing film.

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It is PET composite, Easy to clean after writing and it is durable enough for long time use. Due to this character, it is can be used for meeting room, school,restaurant and shopping mall!

The writing film has various types, non adhesive type, self- adhesive type, silica gel self-adsorption, magnet self-adsorption, etc. The colors include transparent polish, transparent matte, white polish, white matte, black matte, green matte, and various PET writing films with patterns. And the color & pattern can be customized according to user requirements.


Advantages of PET writing film:

1. Compared with PVC products, the performance is more stable. It will not harden as the temperature becomes lower, and has a durability of 10,000 times of erasing and writing. Durable than PVC. And PET is a degradable material. More environmentally friendly than PVC.

2. No dust, use it with dust-free chalk or water-based writing pen, no dust flying, purify the classroom, and keep teachers and students away from dust pollution.

3. The matte PET writing film does not reflect light and astigmatism, and the writing is clearer. It can be seen clearly even when sitting in the distance of the classroom.

4. Smooth writing, the use of PET writing film reduces the friction between the writing film and the chalk, making the writing smoother and more natural, easy and labor-saving.

5. Durable, can be used for 5-10 years.

6. To save costs, use PET writing film, which can be cut and pasted according to the size of the board surface, reducing the cost of replacement, maintenance, and maintenance of blackboards in schools.

7. Easy to install, PET writing film can be directly installed on various surfaces such as blackboard, whiteboard, green board, wood board, glass, plastic, iron board, wall, etc.



Application Area:

1. Stick on smooth surface: The unique production technology of the whiteboard film can be directly attached to most smooth surface without damaging. It is easy to operate and allows you to use your unlimited imagination in a small space.

2. Paste the whiteboard:Paste a layer of writing film on the surface of the whiteboard, which can easily solve all problems. The writing effect is far better than that of the whiteboard. After writing for a month and then wiping it, there will be no traces.

3. Demo board : Schools, families, enterprises and institutions, and some industrial sites, notices, announcements, messages, meeting minutes, blackboard newspapers, family message boards, restaurant and shopping mall price lists, etc.

Product Specification:

Product specification
Application Window,Glass, Wall
Size 1.27*50m
Warranty 3 year
Color transparent, white, customized
Feature Dasy to clean after writing/drawing
Thickness 0.1mm

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