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Kevlar Rope (Aramid roller rope) is made of aramid filament that woven by square braiding machine. The unique solid woven technology makes it more abrasion resistant, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, high strength, high cut resistance and non-conductive. It can be used at a high temperature of 300°C for a long time. When the temperature reaches 450°C, it will begin to carbonize. Kevlar Rope (Aramid roller rope) is widely used for tempering furnace, curing furnace, hardening furnace, autoclave, glass tempering furnace roller and other high temperature equipment.

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Kevlar Rope (Aramid roller rope) has the feature of High temperature resistant, flame retardant, high pressure resistant, High intensity, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, chemical resistant, Electrical Insulator, and good mechanical property.

Kevlar Ropes (Aramid roller ropes) are wrapped on the rollers of the tempering furnace to facilitate the rapid transportation of high temperature glass. After the glass is heated in high temperature in the tempering furnace, it is cooled rapidly by the wind grid, and the Kevlar roller rope can effectively protect the high temperature glass from contacting the low temperature metal roller table without cold explosion and no scratch. 



Product Specification

Product Name Kevlar Rope or Aramid Roller Rope
Type Industrial rope
Shape Flat,Square, Round
Material 100% Para Aramid
Width 8mm/10mm/12mm or customized
Thickness 3mm/3.5mm/4mm/5mm/5.5mm/6mm or Customized
Layer Single/Double
Technics Braided
Yarn Count (Denier) 1000D-3000D
Working Temperature 300℃
Color Natural Yellow
Feature Heat-resistant, flame retardant, chemical-resistant,
heat-Insulation, cut&abrasion resistant, high strength
Packing 250m/roll, 300m/roll
Application Glass tempering furnace roller
Certification ISO9001, SGS



1,Low specific gravity: The product has a density of only 1.36g/cm3 and is lightweight and easy to transport and replace.

2,Low extension: The product has a low elongation of only 3.6% and is not easily deformed during long-term use.

3,Low thermal expansion coefficient:When the product is exposed to hot objects, the product will not be deformed due to sudden high temperature, which will affect normal use.

4,High intensity:The product is made of Kevlar fiber and has high strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

5,High temperature resistance, flame resistance:The product has high temperature resistance, long-term high temperature resistance up to 330 ° C, short-term high temperature resistance is up to 600 ° C Degree, fire retardant does not support combustion.

6,High chemical resistance, high stability, and resistance to creep:The product is chemically stable. When it is attacked by strong acid and alkali materials, it will not produce large performance changes.

It is used normally in harsh environments, so it has a long service life and does not need to be replaced frequently.

7,Electrical insulator: The product is non-conductive and electrically insulated, making the product safer during use and isolating the risk of electric shock.

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