Insulating Glass Machine

  • Insulating glass production line

    Insulating glass production line

    Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line is a high-efficiency insulating glass processing equipment. This line can not only produce ordinary insulating glass but also for low-e insulating glass. It is a better mass production equipment to produce insulating glass with high automatic degree, high efficiency, easiness of operation and maintenance

  • Two Component Manual Sealant Spreading Machine

    Two Component Manual Sealant Spreading Machine

    Two-component sealant spreading machine is a device specially used for two-component sealant or Poly-sulfide sealant. It has two independent sealant containers. It can pass the sealant through the mixer at the same time or alternately. After mixing, it is transported to the machine head for gluing. The advantage of the two-component sealant spreading machine is that the Glue extrusion amount can be adjusted to adapt to different production needs, and the quality and efficiency can be guaranteed.

    The two-component glue machine also has the advantages of easy use, easy operation, and uniform mixing.

  • Hot melt glue machine (Insulated glass equipment)

    Hot melt glue machine (Insulated glass equipment)

    The hot melt glue Machine is an equipment specially used for hot melt adhesive coating. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high reliability. Hot melt glue dispensing machine consists of heating device, glue gun, glue pump, glue dispensing device, control system, etc. The heating device is the core part of the entire equipment. It can heat the hot melt adhesive to a certain temperature to make it have better fluidity. The glue gun and glue pump transport the heated hot melt glue to the gluing device. The gluing device usually consists of a rotating shaft and multiple gluing heads. The rotating shaft drives the gluing heads to rotate to achieve hot melt glue dispensing. Spread evenly. The control system can accurately control the temperature, pressure, speed, etc. of the equipment to ensure the stability and accuracy of coating.

  • Rotary Coating Table

    Rotary Coating Table

    The insulating glass sealant Rotary Coating Table is a working table designed for insulating glass sealing. It consists a rotating table, a fixed frame, and a gluing machine. It has sufficient stability and load-bearing capacity. The rotating table can rotate 360 degrees to facilitate the operator to apply sealant to different parts of the insulating glass. The amount and speed of glue can be adjusted as needed. This avoids problems such as unevenness and omissions that easily occur when gluing by hand. At the same time, the equipment also has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance, which can improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce production costs and labor costs.

  • Intelligent Insulating Glass Inflator

    Intelligent Insulating Glass Inflator

    The insulating glass inflator is a process equipment used to produce double-layer insulating glass. This equipment can improve working efficiency and production efficiency. The finished glass has high thermal insulation performance and can meet customer requirements for safe and energy-saving building doors and windows.

  • Automatic Argon Gas Filling Machine

    Automatic Argon Gas Filling Machine

    Insulating Glass Inert Gas Filling Machine is specialized for filling inert gas (argon) into double-glazing glass. The machine is efficient that it can fill TWENTY pieces of insulating glass at the same time. The core controlling unit is Germany Siemens PLC.