Automatic Argon Gas Filling Machine

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Insulating Glass Inert Gas Filling Machine is specialized for filling inert gas (argon) into double-glazing glass. The machine is efficient that it can fill TWENTY pieces of insulating glass at the same time. The core controlling unit is Germany Siemens PLC. 

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1, 20 pieces of IGU can be same size or different sizes.

2, Volume on each route will not be less than 10L/min.

3, Touch screen can accurately display gas filling volume and Argon flow for each route.

4, Argon gas filling head and volume analyzing sensor is with every gas filing route and will detect accurately and timely.

5, 20 routes are all separate control, so can be start and stop any time or entire 20 routes can be start and stop together.

6, Once Argon volume achieve setting number, machine will give alarm to warn. 



1.1 Power supply: AC 220V±10%               Total power: 0.5KW

1.2 Output Argon pressure: 0.02Mpa            Flux: 10L/min/route

1.3 Working temperature: 0~40℃



2.1 The machine adopts advanced Germany Siemens PLC as core controlling unit. It can control the filling digitally. The screen displays all the controlling-parameters and the real-time working data.

2.2 The machine adopts importing exact pressure controlling organs. It makes pressure controlled exactly. It can be adjusted sleeplessly.

2.3 The machine has two working modes: time-filling and content-filling.

2.3.1 If selecting content-filling mode, it adopts imported sensor to inspect inert gas content. When the content arrives to setting-value, it stops and gives an alarm automatically.

2.3.2 If selecting time-filling mode, it displays time digitally. When the filling time arrives to setting-value, it stops and gives an alarm automatically.

2.4 The function of auto-counting digitally can add up production quantity automatically.


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