Vacuum Lamination Bag & Tape

  • Silicon Vacuum Bag

    Silicon Vacuum Bag

    Silicon vacuum bag (made of silicon rubber sheet ) is a core part of glass vacuum laminated furnace, it makes up of two pieces of silicone rubber sheet and silicone sealing zipper edge, silicone rubber sheet is a key component of the entire laminated furnace, its quality directly affects the quality of glass lamination.

  • Teflom Mesh

    Teflom Mesh

    Teflon mesh is made of high purity suspended polytetrafluoro emulsion liquid as raw material, impregnated with high-performance glass mesh cloth, dried, baked Made by sintering and other processes. It defines the specifications in terms of mesh size, mainly including 1x1mm, 2x2mm, 4x4mm, 10x10mm, etc., and is divided into single weft and double warp and weft grids according to the different warp and weft band.

  • Lamination tape

    Lamination tape

    Green lamination tape is also call High temperature resistance tape, it was used for Glass Edge Protection, stick along the laminated glass edge to protect it and with no glue residue after peeling it off.

  • Thermo cutter

    Thermo cutter

    Thermo cutter or Heating cutter is a professional hot cutting tool for Fabrics and Plastic. It can up in seconds and gives the operator temperature control. Never before has working with Fabrics been this easy. inexpensive and free of mess.