PDLC Smart switchable glass

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PDLC smart switchable glass is a type of laminated glass. The PDLC film is placed between two layers of glass, EVA film can be used for non adhesive type PDLC smart film lamination. It has special lamination program compare with laminating transparent safety glass, because the PDLC smart film could not bear higher lamination temperature, so it request to use low temper ( about 120 ℃) to laminate.

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Smart dimming glass is a layer of liquid crystal film (commonly known as dimming film, LCD or PDLC film) sandwiched between two layers of glass. It is glued together in a furnace under high temperature and high pressure. In addition to the privacy protection function, smart dimming glass has all the application characteristics of safety glass.

The user can control the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the current on and off. The smart glass itself not only has all the characteristics of safety glass, but also has the privacy protection function of controlling whether the glass is transparent or not. Due to the characteristics of the liquid crystal film interlayer, the PDLC smart dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen instead of ordinary curtains, showing high-definition images on the glass.  

When the PDLC smart dimming glass is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules inside the electronically controlled smart glass will show an irregular dispersion state, and the electronically controlled glass will appear transparent and opaque; when the smart glass is energized, the liquid crystal inside The molecules are neatly arranged, and the light can penetrate freely. At this time, the smart glass is instantly transparent.

There are also adhesive type PDLC smart film which can directly attached to the glass, and then the voltage is applied to make the PDLC film appear transparent and translucent, which realizes people's dual requirements for glass penetration and privacy protection.Even when it is translucent, still some visible light can penetrate, which is impossible for all curtains, and it has an insulating reflection effect on the heat, making the indoor warm in winter and cool in summer, which are environmental protection and energy saving.

PDLC smart film or PDLC smart glass is widely used in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Project case including villas, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, museums, churches, command centers, etc. It can be used as partitions, doors, windows, ceilings, and shopping malls also use it as The transparent rear projection screen attracts customers.

Structure of the PDLC smart film is as shows below


Technical Data 

Item Unit Data
Rated Voltage ON V 36V/48V/60V (AV 50HZ)
Power Consumption ON w/sq.m 1.5 / 2.5 / 4.0
Visible light Transmittance ON % >80
OFF % >65
Directional Light
ON % >76
OFF % <3
Haze ON % <3
OFF % >95
Response Time ON ms <45
OFF ms <200
Viewing Angle ON   >160
UV block Rate ON % 99
OFF % 99
Min Privacy Distance OFF cm 3
Sound Insulation   DB >35
Lifespan ON H >80000
Switching Times   Times >2 millon

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