EVA laminated glass edge glue remove methods

Suzhou Xiaoshi Technology Co., Ltd ( Know as SourceGlass) is professional supplier of interlayer film for glass lamination, we can provide EVA interlayer film, PVB interlayer film and also SGP intelrayer film.  We have customers at more than 50 countries. Recently, we got feedback from clients about he edge cleaning problems.

EVA interlayer film is a type of hot melt adhesive glue, so during the lamination process, many customers are confused about the edge cleaning of EVA laminated glass.
Because this process need to spend a lot of manpower and time to carry out edge cleaning.
Due to this reason, EVA laminated glass production and delivery time is extended and the product cost is increased.

In order to solve the above problems, the following suggestions can be used as reference.

1. Control the amount of overflow on the glass edge.

You can choose EVA film with lower fluidity, or adjust the lamination processing temperature, Laminate the glass at a lower temperature to help reduce the amount of edge overflow. If your worker have years of experience for glass lamination, you can also reduce the size of the EVA film (cut the EVA interlayer film a little bit smaller than the sandwiched glass size) to achieve the control of edge overflow. However, if this method is used improperly, it will lead to lack of glue at the glass edge which resulting in defects.

EVA laminated glass edge glue remove methods

2, By pasting high temperature tape.

It is recommended to wrap a layer of high-temperature tape( Green Tape or lamination Tape) around the sandwiched glass. And layout the sandwiched glass piece by piece next to the other. Reduces glass-to-glass gaps will also help to control spillage.

EVA laminated glass edge glue remove methods1
EVA laminated glass edge glue remove methods2

3. We can use tools to clean up the overflowing glue on the edge.

The images below show two commonly used electric tools, which are used to improve the efficiency of cleaning the overflowing glue on the edge. One is glass edge polishing tool and the other is Thermo cutter( Hot Knife) which can soften the glue with heat and remove the extra glue from the glass edge.


If in practice, there are any other better ways to improve the cleaning efficiency of EVA laminated glass edge overflow, please feel free to contact and share your experience at  Thank you!

Post time: Jun-16-2023