Interlayer films for laminated glass

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Safety glass, also known as laminated glass, is a kind of glass with one or more layers of interlayer films sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass. After special high-temperature processing, the glass and the interlayer film are permanently bonded together. This kind of laminated glass not only has excellent impact resistance and explosion-proof performance, high light transmittance, Beautiful and practical, so it is widely used in the field of decoration.

There are 3 main types of interlayer films for laminated glass, EVA, PVB and ionoplast interlayer films. According to the application field of laminated glass, it is very important to choose a suitable interlayer film product. When the glass is impacted or broken, different types of interlayer films can stick to the glass fragments to prevent them from falling down and hurting people, greatly improving the safety of the glass. At the same time, laminated glass also has good sound insulation and heat insulation properties, which can effectively reduce the transmission of noise and heat and improve the comfort of the living environment.

In the field of decoration, laminated glass can be used to make doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls, etc. Its high transparency and beautiful appearance can enhance the overall visual effect of the building. In addition, laminated glass can also be customized according to customer needs, such as adding various patterns, colors or decorations to the interlayer film to achieve personalized decorative effects.

It should be noted that when selecting and using decorative glass laminated glue, you should ensure reliable product quality and standardized installation. High-quality laminated glass should have good light transmittance, flatness and durability, and the correct installation method can ensure its full performance and safety in use.

Base on all above, laminated glass, as a high-performance, beautiful and elegant building decoration material, has broad application prospects in the field of modern architecture.

We are willing to recommend the most suitable interlayer film based on actual project cases! And calculate the cost for your project! Looking forward to cooperation opportunities!

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Post time: Mar-20-2024