Metal mesh or fabric mesh for decorative glass lamination

Metal fabric mesh laminated decorative glass has unique textures and colors, which can increase the beauty and artistry of the building. The addition of metal mesh also makes the glass have better structural strength and safety. It is widely used in construction, home and industrial fields.

Here are some details about this glass:

Definition and characteristics

1.Definition: Metal fabric mesh laminated decorative glass refers to a certain amount of metal mesh or other materials sandwiched between two ordinary glass plates to form a glass product with decorative and sound insulation effects.

2.Features: This kind of glass has both the transparency and hardness of ordinary glass and the strength and toughness of metal fabric mesh.

 Metal fabric mash1

Production process

Material preparation: Choose suitable glass and metal fabric mesh as raw materials. The glass can be tempered glass or flat glass, while the metal fabric mesh can be made of stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, fabric wire or a mixing of the above wires.

Cleaning and cutting: Clean the glass and cut it according to the design requirements. According to the design requirements, make a mold suitable for the shape and size of the glass. Glass grinding, polishing should be done before lamination!

Wire clamping process: bend and arrange the metal fabric wire according to the design requirements, and place it on the mold. The glass is then placed on the metal fabric wire, and the two layers of glass are clamped using a press or vacuum adsorption.

Heat treatment: Put the sandwiched glass into specific glass lamination oven to make them bond stronger.

 Metal fabric mash2

Application area

Construction field: metal fabric mesh decorative glass can be used as building curtain walls, doors, windows, partitions, etc. The outer layer of glass can perform functions such as aesthetics, heat preservation, and sound insulation, while the inner layer of metal mesh can prevent the glass from breaking when subjected to external impact.

Home furnishing field: used to make furniture, dining tables, lamps, etc. to enhance the grade and taste of the home.

Industrial field: used to make industrial equipment, instruments, etc. Its structural strength and temperature resistance make it suitable for various harsh industrial environments.

Security field: The high-strength metal mesh layer of wired glass can prevent theft and fire, increasing the safety factor.

 Metal fabric mash3


When selecting and using metal fabric mesh laminated decorative glass, attention should be paid to its quality and safety to ensure compliance with relevant standards and requirements.

During the installation process, professional guidance and safe operating procedures should be followed to ensure installation quality and safety.

In summary, metal fabric mesh laminated decorative glass is a glass product with unique decorative effects and enhanced safety performance, and is widely used in construction, home and industrial fields. Welcome to contact if you need any support about the metal fabric product lamination!

Post time: May-27-2024