New Product Introduce Photochromic Smart Film

Photothermal dimming film is an intelligent light control product whose color changes with the intensity of ambient light and heat. Not only has the function of heat insulation, sun protection and UV protection, but also can be laminated into glass using EVA/PVB interlayers. Therefore, through the glass lamination process, the Photochromic or Thermochromic dimming film can be laminated into photothermal color-changing glass. The color-changing glass will work base on the Sunlight changing during its full lifetime. It is a smart dimming glass film for automobiles, yachts, building doors and windows, lighting roofs and other places.


Adjust light transmission principle:

1, Special nano-materials are stimulated by different light and heat intensities, and the light-sensitive and temperature-sensitive factors are arranged at different angles and orientations.

2, When the intensity of light and heat becomes stronger, the nano-photosensitive temperature-sensitive factor absorbs more energy and presents a dense and regular distribution, which hinders light from passing through, and the color of the glass changes from light to dark. It's like wearing color-changing sunglasses on the windows to block glare, protect the eyes, and block the heat. Create a warm atmosphere for you and your family.

3, When the intensity of light and heat weakens, the nano-photosensitive and temperature-sensitive factors gradually return to disorderly and scattered arrangement, and the light can easily pass through. The color is restored from deep to light. It does not affect your driving, sailing, working or enjoying the scenery. Escort you and your home and create a harmonious living environment.



1, Smart sunshade: According to the intensity of ambient light and heat, the light transmittance is automatically adjusted to create a comfortable space with suitable light. At the same time, the infrared blocking ability changes with the accumulation of light and heat intensity. In summer, the intensity of light and heat is high, the irradiation time is long, the infrared transmittance is lower, and the heat insulation effect is obvious. In winter, the light and heat intensity is small, the irradiation time is short, and the infrared transmittance rises, so more solar energy can be obtained.

2, Thermal insulation: In winter, the far infrared and heat generated by the human body, home appliances, air conditioners, heating, etc. are blocked indoors to keep the indoor temperature constant. In summer, the far-infrared (heat source) is blocked outside, making the room cool, so that the home life is like spring all year round, which greatly reduces the load of air conditioning and heating, and saves electricity bills.

3,Energy saving and environmental protection: Block 99.5% of ultraviolet rays and more than 85% of infrared rays, which can avoid damage to personnel, cabinets, interiors, clothing and other items caused by the scorching sun. At the same time, reduce the temperature in the car and indoors to reduce the number of times to turn on the air conditioner. Fuel saving, energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection.

4, Explosion-proof safety: anti-explosion and anti-seismic, reduce damage, build an invisible protective net.

5, Change the appearance: light moves with the heart, and color is born of light. Change clothes in the morning and evening in four seasons and change the appearance of the building.

6, Durable and weather-resistant: The color-changing tinted glass is a kind of laminated glass, which has passed the test of radiation resistance experiment and has a service life of up to 30 years.

7, One product with multiple functions: warm and cold for all seasons, all-round sunshade and lighting, environmental protection, health and safety.

8, Sound insulation and noise reduction: It has a very good sound insulation effect, to a certain extent, it can isolate you from the outside noise, create a peaceful environment, and give you a beautiful dream!

9, Temperature warning: the intelligent color-changing film can effectively prompt the temperature change through the penetration of light.

Post time: Mar-03-2023