Sourceglass Ionoplast interlayer film characteristics

1. The ionoplast interlayer has good stability at the edge: refers to the durability of the edge of the laminated glass exposed to atmospheric conditions, and is not easily corroded by humid air and other substances. It is also not easy to age and separate due to sunlight. The PVB laminate glass is not resistant to moisture, and it is easy to open and separate under the water vapor, so laminated glass with exposed edges are required to be sealed. The excellent edge stability of the ionoplast interlayer is not sensitive to moisture. Therefore, it is very suitable for railings, canopies, outdoor decorative glass wings, glass sunshades, etc.

2. The tear strength of the ionoplast interlayer film is 5 times than the PVB interlayer film. Even if the glass is broken, the ionoplast interlayer film can still bond the broken glass to form a temporary structure after the damage. Its bending deformation is small and it can withstand a certain amount of damage.

3.The ionoplast interlayer itself is colorless and transparent, and has good weather resistance and less yellow change. Yellow index is less than 1.5(PVB film yellow Index is 6~12). So it is more suitable for ultra-clear glass lamination

4.Compare with other supplier, we can provide customized width with fast delivery time. Maximum width can be 3600mm and Maximum thickness can ba 1.52mm.

5.Production equipment: Ionoplast interlayer film production process is similar to PVB interlayer, and the processing equipment can be Autoclave or other types of glass lamination furnace!

Post time: Dec-16-2022